The Shark Has Jumped….

I have not gone away…. I have just moved. The Shark has some new partners and they like  what I have to say here so much they want me to do it on their site. So, please follow this link and read my latest and greatest blogs.  Feel free to subscribe there and comment. It is always welcome. See you there….



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The Shark Temporarily Jumped Ship

The end of the alphabet has me searching for my next idea. This is why I have not be regularly blogging. I think I will be back in January but for today….

Some thoughts: I had a manicure the other day and the woman filed my nails kind of roundish~ not round but not square the way I like and the way anyone under the age of 80 wears them. I can’t stand it.

Book I just finished and found disturbing:

This Beautiful Life

Spring apparel arriving at the stores is so fun and colorful look at this…

It hasn’t even been winter and I am already anticipating spring. I didn’t buy spring yet but I did indulge in some designer shoes on sale and some sweaters. Signing off for the holidays and trying to think what my theme for 2012 will be.

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Happy Surprises

This is what puts the zip in my step today. I am not good with surprises in general. I faint~ all the time. Do not give me bad news by surprise out of the blue~ I go down fast. But… a good surprise that I love. Who doesn’t? Today when I arrived home to a new blue leather ipad cover (hmm might have to buy an ipad) and a fabulous grey cashmere sweatshirt it put me in the best mood. This was topped off by dinner with my girlfriends.

We are all married and moms and went to a hip restaurant downtown where upon entering (and waiting for our table) we were picked up (offered drinks) right away. Then we were seated in a table too small and the guys next us did the same and then we were asked to join some group of guys after dinner at a bar. This is our new favorite restaurant. We want to go every night at 630 pm just to feel good. By the way… the food was exceptional. Catch in NYC is the place. Nice looking place too.

The best part of the dinner was the fact that all of us managed to clear our busy schedules and sit down to dinner. We did a holiday grab bag (so fun and not at all corny we do it right) and we drank and ate. Sometimes I think damn I am lucky to have such good friends. It is something I hope to instill in my daughter. Best friends are worth the time and effort and are more important than any boy.

Somebody asked me what I was doing for school break (my kids are off so thus so am I or at least part of the time)… I said we are planning on sleeping. Right now I cannot think of a better way to spend a few days off than in bed sleeping.

I am heading there now.

Book I just started and so far am enjoying

This Beautiful Life

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Keeping the streak going….11 days on Amazon

This does not include other online shopping of which there has been plenty. So far only one item is going back. I have also been in the mall weekly, of course, and it is kind of a pleasure to not be bogged down with big bags. I have not yet shifted to ordering apparel online ~ I like to try on and I like to wander and let things catch my eye. Otherwise though… its’ Amazon baby. Amazon has put the zip in my step.

Let’s talk: Really???

I mean I guess I am not at all surprised but c’mon. Lock her up just so she can stay out of trouble because certainly her parents are not helping. To make matters worse the pics were leaked online completely blowing the chance that the issue would be a success.

More unsurprising news came in the form of an article in the NY Times today: “Beware of raw cookie dough.”

We know raw cookie dough is not healthy but so what? Years ago my sister told me she put the cookie dough in the freezer because the cold kills anything bad. I have decided this must be true so I can stay eating cookie dough.

New mother-daughter book club book I am reading and loving. My daughter loved it too!!

Reasons to Be Happy

Long day tomorrow time for rest…





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Starting over?

My lack of blogging is due to two things. 1) Complete exhaustion due to a way to busy few weeks and 2) a sense of lethargy as the end of the alphabet is upon us and I am not sure where I want to go from here. I am thinking that I will pick up again after the new year but until then have some things to say so I am stuck.  For the moment though~

I ordered my Kindle Fire only to be met with this scathing article in the New York Times about how awful it is. Now I am stuck. What to do.

I love New York when the tourists are here. The city is not just dressed up but corny~ random characters all over the place. Just today on my way to the stores I saw Puss n Boots and Cookie and Elmo.

Funny isn’t it. I was around 42nd Street because I was in search of the purple Yankee hat for my son. This hat is sold out everywhere. I trudged down to Lids by 42nd Street~ both sold out. Bieber wore it~ my son can’t stand Bieber he just likes purple. I am a sucker and will keep looking.

Zip in my step…. Fifth Avenue around the holidays snowflake all a glitter. The Time Warner Center around the holidays all sparkly and colorful.

Moment of stress for the day…. holiday cards arriving. I am just stuffing mine now!!

What I can’t figure out… why my kids cannot get into bed at a normal hour anymore!!!

Time for me to sleep.

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Not even half a pair of shoes

I always come back to this theme in my life~ the value of money. The latest internal battle I am having with myself is regarding a Kindle.

I am a book lover and reluctant to give up my books. However with amazon prime my BFF and their new lending plan I am finding it more difficult to rationalize not having one. As you all know I debated an iPad forever before happily buying the Macbook Air~ which I love. So here I am again. I looked online and the Kindle Touch is a mere $150~ or as I like to think of it~ a cashmere sweater from J Crew.

By the way I have a bag of two new cashmere sweaters from J Crew sitting untouched~ one black. I could return it and rationalize my purchase quite easily. As I kept looking I noticed the new Fire for $50 extra. I have been debating this all day. The cost of $200 is minimal when I consider it does not even buy me one of these let alone the pair!!!!!

Jimmy Choo Strappy Jersey & Metallic Sandal

Yet I hem and haw.  Finally my husband said, just do it. So I did. Buyers remorse~ I am going to go read my BOOK in bed soon. ZIP is in my step.

Tomorrow I am considering taking a back to back class at the gym. I have no right to do this~ I have a full schedule~ but I have been working like a mad woman, I have to hit the mall the day after Christmas and I think I deserve it. I won’t be able to walk on Friday but I think that is okay. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Everyday a new box arrives from Amazon and since I last noted my daily purchases I have made at least one purchase a day.

Time to read…..

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Spring in Winter

The warm weather today has me in a good mood. So much so that I zipped over to Bloomingdale’s with my daughter and her friend who are always up for shopping. This is what I learned…. as much as teens want to shop they do not have the stamina that I do. By the time we had tried a few dresses they were done. I was just warming up. By the time I dragged them to the men’s department to get something for my husband they were lounging on the sofas and texting me about how hungry they were. Food? Who has time to eat when there is shopping to be done!!  Their Zip was Zapped. Amazing.

So little accomplished. I will have to go back alone.

Adorable display at Urban Outfitters this weekend:

I feel like Zooey Deschanel should be wearing this. Her show has been growing on me as well~ I like Nick.

Did anyone happen to notice that today was Brittany Spears birthday. She is 30~ I feel like she had the longest 20’s ever. I love Brit though. I think the 30’s will be good for her.

Why I love Amazon… again. My Mac Book Air has no case and I have been meaning to pick one up. Finally while at Apple picking up a gift card for a gift I also bought a hot pink polka dot neoprene case. I didn’t love the dots but I love the pink. $40 later and I am home. I pop onto Amazon and of course there is a plain hot pink one~ with a pocket for the charger!! for all of $14.99. Naturally I am returning the one to Apple. What I ordered in the last few days from Amazon:

 in hot pink

 gift for nephew

Madden NFL 12 gift for son

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System just used it and so far I think I like it

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop gift for son’s friend

 re-did my shoe closet

I am not done. Tomorrow I hit the mall and I will shop for real stuff there. I do not like to buy clothing online~ some shoes yes but clothing and bags need to be touched, tried on, looked at in the right light.

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