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Hotels and buffets

Still in Lake Placid~ bad parents kids are missing school tomorrow.  I did have a moment of remorse until I realized that during our family vacation to Montana to ski in February~ I will have at least five conference calls … Continue reading

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Lake Placid

Last night my husband and I got into a tiff over what time we would leave this morning to go skiing (Lake Placid). I said I wanted to take a 9:30 am class at the gym he said we would … Continue reading

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In an effort to get better and rid my self of this cough I did slow down, for me. However, yesterday I could not cancel plans with a client to have drinks and talk business. By 9pm last night I … Continue reading

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Snow daze

Trite title I know but it had to be. We have had so much snow. It was a shock to wake up to the news and hear that the NYC schools were closed. It so rarely happens. When I looked … Continue reading

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Rules of engagement

Marni Before you get involved in your local school parent association you need to now that people like me, who actually do things, don’t appreciate when people like you make suggestions but take no ownership. So, when you come to … Continue reading

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No time to work

Marni If I slept three hours last night it was a lot coughing coughing. I called my doctor to get the real cough med~ with codeine. I took off after a few calls to our house to make sure the … Continue reading

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The handyman of the family

Marni Today I went for a check-up and was a total wimp when she took blood and then gave me a shot. I know I am an adult but I hate shots and now my arm is dead~ tetnus. You … Continue reading

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