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Ahhh Memorial Day weekend

First days at the beach in the cold. Growing up this meant moving into our locker at Catalina Beach Club in Atlantic Beach Long Island.   It is very much the Flamingo Kid and more picturesque. This is really what it … Continue reading

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The duck is alive

Last weekend while gardening (I was pruning a tree/ plant) I noticed there were a bunch of leaves behind it. I went to move them out and noticed buried in the leaves were eggs. Four rather large white eggs. Clearly … Continue reading

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Shut-up Fart Head

Let me preface this post by saying I grew up in a family of girls~ three girls, a girl cat and mostly girl cousins (even the second cousins were girls). So, when my husband breaks out Beavis and Butthead for my … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, To Me. Once A Year, I’ll Look The Other Way.

Mary DiPalermo It’s birthday time! So to note the day I’m not so fond of celebrating, I’ve decided to write a  little poem — inspired by the great Shel Silverstein, whose work I’ve been reading aloud forever. I WILL NOT MOP THE … Continue reading

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Mean girls versus strong girls

In reverse. Betheny Frankel is on the cover of Forbes. At first I was surprised but I read the article online. I have always liked her~ she works hard and made things happen. She seems to operate in a “means to … Continue reading

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Boys versus girls

Back from the mall today with goodies. For my son a practice football jersey he can iron on his name (Thanks mom I love it!) and a white/ orange/ black Adidas tee (he takes a feel~ “cool I’ll wear it. … Continue reading

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Harder than I thought

There are many things in life that surprise you for the better and turn out to be easier than you thought they would be. Then there are the things in life that are way harder. Today I was facing three … Continue reading

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