I Am a Frosted Flake

Maybe not frosted more like expertly highlighted but none the less a flake. Yesterday I took my daughter to have a dress fitted.  We walked to the dress-maker and she pops into the dressing room and asks me for the dress. Said dress was resting comfortably draped over the arm of the sofa. Walked back got the dress.

I am known for being organized and list driven and getting things checked off. The one weakness I have is social plans which I always double book, book the wrong days, screw up the days~ you name it I have done it. My brain can only handle so much and since it has to remember the orthodontist appointment and a meeting with a CEO my social life gets just a tiny portion of my brain. Tonight I am sitting here working away when my friend calls and says~ where are you. I was home looking forward to my plans tomorrow night for a meeting/ glass of wine~ plans that were of course for tonight.

What would be useful to me right now would be a memory.

Things I saw today in the stores that caught my eye:

 DKNY sweater with amazing pops of color

DKNY Long Sleeve Double-Breasted Wool Coat and the jacket

Sequin slouchy tee  Sequin tee at J Crew~ Preppy Sequins


Dresses at Children’s Place really amazing this season.

EXCLUSIVE Leather Moto Jacket  Ever leather at Intermix

Adrienne Landau EXCLUSIVE Long Collarless Fox Vest  Adrienne Landau fur vest Intermix

EXCLUSIVE Strapless Layered Silk Dress  Pop of red Intermix

Useful. When things land on my desk I try to get them done right away. Forms, registrations, buying wrapping paper. If it sits it either gets forgotten OR it begins to seem bigger than it is. If you just take care of it (whatever it is) right away they will not hang over your head.

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