But you work at home

This commentary is usually reserved for my husband who sometimes seems to think because I work at home (and yet contribute as much) that I am home and free to do errands and stuff around the house. Not so. I actually work. Thus when I say, no can do too busy working he will reply, but you work at home. I usually hang up.

Today though my daughter caught me off guard when we were in Intermix shopping and I was deciding between three sweaters and I held one up and said, but I think I need this one~ I can wear it to work. She replied, but mom, you work at home.

I have no other comment to add there.

Finally bought tickets to the game next week. Let the brainwashing of children commence.

Why would you bother?? I was on the subway the other day (I do not like the subway but it is fast) and we all moved in and one last guy got on. He was a skinny white nerdy type and he asked the large African man two down from me to move down but he said it like this…. “By my estimations, if you move down just a tad we might be able to fit more comfortably.” Now I am not going to lie, there was plenty of room for this guy to move down but why would you bother to ask in such a manner? We then all had to listen to the rants of the man who would not move. The nerd must have been from out-of-town. New Yorkers know~ keep your head down, listen to your music, read, fake reading but don’t talk unless to say, excuse me.

Aqua at Bloomies looks divine…

Aqua Luxe Feather Skirt  Aqua Luxe Leather Blazer

Aqua Luxe Cluster Sequin Mini Skirt

Aqua Sleeveless Sequin Swing Tank

Aqua Keyhole Back Sequined Dress

Aqua Cashmere Long Sleeve Striped Crewneck Sweater

Loads more at the store. A very good season for them.

Useful….It is useful when you RSVP to write your name on the RSVP so people know who it is. OR at least say you are showing up or not showing up.

The brush -n-blow dryer concept. I had one when I was young and I held out getting one for my daughter. I was persuaded by a friend and I have to say it is a very useful item.

Pictures organization: I have become of fan of seasonal folders and event folders. When I download pictures or people send them to me I drop them immediately into their spot so say 2011 Summer or 2010 Ski Trip. By putting the year first you will have the entire year grouped on your computer together and many years grouped by date. I have also taken to printing books for seasons. My kids like to look at the pictures and the books are affordable and look good.

Time for bed.


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2 Responses to But you work at home

  1. The GSB says:

    Wow Aqua is looking very fun this season! I have been dying for a feather skirt (naturally…as if my wedding dress wasn’t enough). Awesome finds as always 🙂

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