I have a challenge

Only, the problem with my challenge is that a) the holidays will interrupt it and b) next weekend I will be in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan for a game with my kids. The challenge is vegetarianism. I am not a major meat-eater but I feel like over the summer I indulge a bit too much. I was thinking of kicking the habit for two weeks. However, I am not sure my timing is so good.

So I am asking for V ideas….

Vacation, vacillate, vacuum (as if), vaporize (I wish), vague (rarely), validate, Valium (hmmm), value (kind of heavy but I could do this), vampire, vanilla (too warm to bake yet)… VENT. This is what I want to do but the last time I was told I was being mean. I would love to vent. In fact I might start right now.

CAN someone please explain to my WHY it is so hard to put dishes in the dishwasher and why they must sit in the sink? While you are at it please explain to my family what a coaster is.

WHY can’t people pay attention. The worst part is when you say something and you know they are not listening and they screw it up~ like ordering a half caff coffee black and getting a light and sweet.

Jennifer Anniston spent $450,000 on a charitable painting. Fabulous~ we get it ~ she is rich, famous, has a chef and training to stay that way and she is a do-gooder as well. Fantastic.

Heather Locklear is 50???


with a little help she looks okay….

Is this venting or complaining or a little of both? I do feel better though. Maybe I will eat veggies until the holidays and vent daily. To offset my venting I could tell a good story too~ something nice that happened. I prefer just to vent. Thoughts?

Vices… I would give up my vices but I am not terrible. This would boil down to candy, cookies and maybe the occasional vodka tonic. Too easy.

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