Filling a cereal container and other annoying things

Today I need to vent. We have great Sterilite cereal containers.

If you notice there is a spout that flaps open on the right and an indent on the left~ a handle of sorts. Like say a milk container (gallon) or a pitcher you hold the side with the handle and pour. So why do the adults in this house ~ other than me of course~ insist on putting the spout and the handle on the same side? Would you pour water out of a pitcher into your arm? WTF?

If all of the gum is lined up nicely in the pantry and new gum arrived in a bag from Target (say the gum fairy had time in her day to hit Target on the way home and buy everything that everyone takes for granted is just there~ just suppose). Would you put the new gum next to the old gum or in a different location?

Say a piece on your refrigerator door breaks, sending tomato sauce crashing would you, Duct tape it like a college frat boy or would you call the maintenance guys in the building to fix it? OR would you Duct tape it knowing that the fix it fairy would call the building staff?

Just asking.

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