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The world is black, the world is bright

The zip in my step is more like a limp. Too many days walking the malls and my foot is feeling the pain. That aside… two things put the Zip in my step today. The first was a kitten. The … Continue reading

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Zip in My Step

For two weeks I am going to challenge myself to find something good in the day~ something that will put some Zip in my step for the end of the year and the end of the alphabet challenge. Today what … Continue reading

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Asleep in the mall

Apologies Stiletto jumpers. I have been bogged down with work and for the first time in a year took almost a week off. Well not off so much as at the mall working. I am back for the end of … Continue reading

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Lazy Man’s Healthy Dinner

A visit to the doctor will do this to you…. create an urge for a healthy dinner. So will the fact that you haven’t eaten since breakfast. I was so light-headed in Trader Joe’s I had to buy a Power … Continue reading

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Simply Spectacular Sunday

Yawn… admittedly I did not have enough sleep last night so I am off to a rough start this week. I am going to bed early as planned. Today was a pleasant surprise. The weather was amazing. I love a … Continue reading

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Learning from school projects

My son’s social studies class is studying NYC history. A favorite topic of mine. One of the research assignments requires him to choose a place in NYC. research its significance and visit the place. Among the many options were places … Continue reading

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Online Shopping a Double Dose of Happy

I spend a crazy amount of time in stores and malls for a living and yet I order so much of my own stuff online. Why? It’s fun. Online shopping is like a double dose of happy. First there is … Continue reading

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