Zip in My Step

For two weeks I am going to challenge myself to find something good in the day~ something that will put some Zip in my step for the end of the year and the end of the alphabet challenge.

Today what put Zip in my step was the fact that I live in NYC and have the opportunity to walk out my door and see amazing things and do amazing things. All along Broadway NYC is dressed up with art. Sculptures by Peter Woytuk decorate the center island and subway stops thanks to The Morrison Gallery. You can read all about it and see pictures here but I took a few as well.

Tonight was one of those nights you love being here. It was warm and it was the Lincoln Center Tree lighting. The entire neighborhood is alive with people, stores, and music. It is amazing to walk by Lincoln Center now~ so beautiful~ and see people hanging on the steps drinking coffee, reading and tonight listening to music and watching the tree lighting. A lame tree admittedly but who cares?

And of course the fun stuff like the ice guy (outside the Mormon Church) and the stilt people.

Sure we have to work harder to get our kids to sports but when they walk out their front door and run into their friends while eating chocolate mousse from Bar Boulud and are staring at the ice guy… well it is all worth it.

Book I have started but have no time to read

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin: Book Cover


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One Response to Zip in My Step

  1. Ed says:

    Someone I know has favorite expression…”That’s why we live here”

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