Spring in Winter

The warm weather today has me in a good mood. So much so that I zipped over to Bloomingdale’s with my daughter and her friend who are always up for shopping. This is what I learned…. as much as teens want to shop they do not have the stamina that I do. By the time we had tried a few dresses they were done. I was just warming up. By the time I dragged them to the men’s department to get something for my husband they were lounging on the sofas and texting me about how hungry they were. Food? Who has time to eat when there is shopping to be done!!  Their Zip was Zapped. Amazing.

So little accomplished. I will have to go back alone.

Adorable display at Urban Outfitters this weekend:

I feel like Zooey Deschanel should be wearing this. Her show has been growing on me as well~ I like Nick.

Did anyone happen to notice that today was Brittany Spears birthday. She is 30~ I feel like she had the longest 20’s ever. I love Brit though. I think the 30’s will be good for her.

Why I love Amazon… again. My Mac Book Air has no case and I have been meaning to pick one up. Finally while at Apple picking up a gift card for a gift I also bought a hot pink polka dot neoprene case. I didn’t love the dots but I love the pink. $40 later and I am home. I pop onto Amazon and of course there is a plain hot pink one~ with a pocket for the charger!! for all of $14.99. Naturally I am returning the one to Apple. What I ordered in the last few days from Amazon:

 in hot pink

 gift for nephew

Madden NFL 12 gift for son

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System just used it and so far I think I like it

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop gift for son’s friend

 re-did my shoe closet

I am not done. Tomorrow I hit the mall and I will shop for real stuff there. I do not like to buy clothing online~ some shoes yes but clothing and bags need to be touched, tried on, looked at in the right light.

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