Not even half a pair of shoes

I always come back to this theme in my life~ the value of money. The latest internal battle I am having with myself is regarding a Kindle.

I am a book lover and reluctant to give up my books. However with amazon prime my BFF and their new lending plan I am finding it more difficult to rationalize not having one. As you all know I debated an iPad forever before happily buying the Macbook Air~ which I love. So here I am again. I looked online and the Kindle Touch is a mere $150~ or as I like to think of it~ a cashmere sweater from J Crew.

By the way I have a bag of two new cashmere sweaters from J Crew sitting untouched~ one black. I could return it and rationalize my purchase quite easily. As I kept looking I noticed the new Fire for $50 extra. I have been debating this all day. The cost of $200 is minimal when I consider it does not even buy me one of these let alone the pair!!!!!

Jimmy Choo Strappy Jersey & Metallic Sandal

Yet I hem and haw.  Finally my husband said, just do it. So I did. Buyers remorse~ I am going to go read my BOOK in bed soon. ZIP is in my step.

Tomorrow I am considering taking a back to back class at the gym. I have no right to do this~ I have a full schedule~ but I have been working like a mad woman, I have to hit the mall the day after Christmas and I think I deserve it. I won’t be able to walk on Friday but I think that is okay. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Everyday a new box arrives from Amazon and since I last noted my daily purchases I have made at least one purchase a day.

Time to read…..

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2 Responses to Not even half a pair of shoes

  1. I say go for the Kindle. It took a while for my husband to get into it. E-books are the future. Look at our kids. I am fully on board with electronic textbooks, yet I’m still looking at thier empty backpacks thinking they’ve left something at school. Dive in girl!

    …..and go easy on that foot!!!!

  2. The GSB says:

    I’m also very meh about the Kindle. I thought about getting one for my husband for Xmas because he lugs giant books with him on the train every morning, but he doesn’t want one and honestly neither do I. There’s something different about having a tangible book in your hand, flipping the pages, maybe highlighting or flagging stuff, supporting the crumbling book industry… I don’t know. The world is changing mighty fast and all but I just can’t get on board with some of its technological advancements. I’d rather get some cashmere sweaters!

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