Starting over?

My lack of blogging is due to two things. 1) Complete exhaustion due to a way to busy few weeks and 2) a sense of lethargy as the end of the alphabet is upon us and I am not sure where I want to go from here. I am thinking that I will pick up again after the new year but until then have some things to say so I am stuck.  For the moment though~

I ordered my Kindle Fire only to be met with this scathing article in the New York Times about how awful it is. Now I am stuck. What to do.

I love New York when the tourists are here. The city is not just dressed up but corny~ random characters all over the place. Just today on my way to the stores I saw Puss n Boots and Cookie and Elmo.

Funny isn’t it. I was around 42nd Street because I was in search of the purple Yankee hat for my son. This hat is sold out everywhere. I trudged down to Lids by 42nd Street~ both sold out. Bieber wore it~ my son can’t stand Bieber he just likes purple. I am a sucker and will keep looking.

Zip in my step…. Fifth Avenue around the holidays snowflake all a glitter. The Time Warner Center around the holidays all sparkly and colorful.

Moment of stress for the day…. holiday cards arriving. I am just stuffing mine now!!

What I can’t figure out… why my kids cannot get into bed at a normal hour anymore!!!

Time for me to sleep.

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