Keeping the streak going….11 days on Amazon

This does not include other online shopping of which there has been plenty. So far only one item is going back. I have also been in the mall weekly, of course, and it is kind of a pleasure to not be bogged down with big bags. I have not yet shifted to ordering apparel online ~ I like to try on and I like to wander and let things catch my eye. Otherwise though… its’ Amazon baby. Amazon has put the zip in my step.

Let’s talk: Really???

I mean I guess I am not at all surprised but c’mon. Lock her up just so she can stay out of trouble because certainly her parents are not helping. To make matters worse the pics were leaked online completely blowing the chance that the issue would be a success.

More unsurprising news came in the form of an article in the NY Times today: “Beware of raw cookie dough.”

We know raw cookie dough is not healthy but so what? Years ago my sister told me she put the cookie dough in the freezer because the cold kills anything bad. I have decided this must be true so I can stay eating cookie dough.

New mother-daughter book club book I am reading and loving. My daughter loved it too!!

Reasons to Be Happy

Long day tomorrow time for rest…





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