About Us

Welcome to Shark Jumping. We are Mary, Marni and Meredith. Three overly busy Upper West Side NYC women with careers, families, pets and a lot to say. We are lucky to have amazing families and friends who won’t mind (too much) when we use them as fodder for our blog and who will put up with our personal challenges and rants. 

Our Mission:

We hope to infuse some humor into your lives, even a knowing nod from time to time and maybe even inspire some of your to join our challenges. Every couple of weeks we will put forth a challenge to ourselves and keep our readers updated.  Now for our personal details….

Mary is a mother of three, thus the most daring of us, with a fabulous husband and two rescue cats.  She is a freelance writer who could easily have written several books by now but prefers to write articles and do projects for real businesses that actually pay. In her lack of spare time she is also the PTA President of her kid’s school.  She is not at all one of those PTA moms we will make fun of.  She strives to be more organized but we love her the way she is and it makes for better entries. 

Marni is a mother of two, with a great husband and a sometimes cat depending on her mother’s travel schedule. She is a retail analyst and consultant and therefore spends a lot of time in the malls.  In her lack of spare time she is the PTA Treasurer and personal shopper to seemingly everyone.  She will therefore be responsible for shopping advice. She strives to be less organized, to speak more slowly and to learn to say no when asked to volunteer. None of this has ever materialized. That is why she got us started.

Meredith is a mother of two girls (mercy on her), with an amazing husband and a sometimes dog (when her mother is traveling). She is head of PR for a fashion retailer and will be our media person.  In her lack of spare time she is President of the Alumni Board at her school and runs the events. Did we mention that rain, snow or sunshine she can be found running miles and miles in the park? She is amazingly committed but with a sense of humor as you can also find her munching on Swedish Fish all day. She strives to delegate some of the things on her never-ending to do list.*   She won’t let us slack off and will make sure we don’t get too serious.

* We all know that things don’t actually move off of “to -do” lists they just change in nature from Get x,y,z to Check to make sure A got x,y,z.  

If you want to contact us please do so.


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