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The Shark Has Jumped….

I have not gone away…. I have just moved. The Shark has some new partners and they like  what I have to say here so much they want me to do it on their site. So, please follow this link … Continue reading

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The Shark Temporarily Jumped Ship

The end of the alphabet has me searching for my next idea. This is why I have not be regularly blogging. I think I will be back in January but for today…. Some thoughts: I had a manicure the other … Continue reading

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Happy Surprises

This is what puts the zip in my step today. I am not good with surprises in general. I faint~ all the time. Do not give me bad news by surprise out of the blue~ I go down fast. But… … Continue reading

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Keeping the streak going….11 days on Amazon

This does not include other online shopping of which there has been plenty. So far only one item is going back. I have also been in the mall weekly, of course, and it is kind of a pleasure to not be … Continue reading

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Starting over?

My lack of blogging is due to two things. 1) Complete exhaustion due to a way to busy few weeks and 2) a sense of lethargy as the end of the alphabet is upon us and I am not sure … Continue reading

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Not even half a pair of shoes

I always come back to this theme in my life~ the value of money. The latest internal battle I am having with myself is regarding a Kindle. I am a book lover and reluctant to give up my books. However with … Continue reading

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Spring in Winter

The warm weather today has me in a good mood. So much so that I zipped over to Bloomingdale’s with my daughter and her friend who are always up for shopping. This is what I learned…. as much as teens … Continue reading

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