Thank you Gloria… NOT

From the NY Post today:

Men may be helping out at home in greater numbers, but multitasking done by working women means they are still doing far more, according to a new study.

Whether it’s housework, cooking or child-care, women do about 10 hours more multitasking each week — 48.3 hours, compared with 38.9 for men, says the study in the American Sociological Review journal.

“Working mothers are doing two activities at once more than two-fifths of the time they are awake, while working fathers are multitasking more than a third of their waking hours,” said one author of the study.

As if we didn’t know this already. So basically in a nut shell we now work and do 90%  of everything else we used to do and men do about 10% more than they used to. Makes sense.


Zip in my step today because it was Mother Daughter Book Club and while I didn’t like the book I thoroughly enjoyed book club. Thanks moms and daughters!!!

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Colorful Treats

A long day bogged down at the computer again. I finally get the mail and I find in it the Sur La table catalog. Turns out they are opening about ten blocks away~ love NYC. So I gave a quick look and I WANT THESE…. I might even use them.

The compact blender~ seems less intimidating and I love the purple.

Own this in bland beige need it in hot pink


I own these too but how much cuter are they in color??


I am considering this for my daughter I hear it is great…. maybe I will keep it.

Clarisonic Mia(TM) Skin Cleansing System - Lavender

Really what I would like:

 At least 1.5 ct per ear please

still want this… rose gold or original no diamonds just simple.

I want this too

I need a new everyday wedding band

That about rounds out my list. Someone please tell my husband I am waiting….. not so patiently.  The Love bracelet or studs would be great. I think we would need to move for the cuff!!!


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Glee has jumped the Shark

I am listening as my daughter watches this week’s Glee and all I can think is~ they have jumped the shark. I don’t even care. Two good seasons is better than no good seasons.

Really what is putting some Zip my step is the excitement I have about watching The Daily Show from last night JUST so I can here him tear apart Herman Cain. I literally can’t wait to get into bed and listen. I almost don’t want Herman Cain to drop out of the race because he is so entertaining.

Amazon. I am a retail analyst and so I spend a lot of time shopping and in shopping malls. YET I have spent more money thus far this holiday season on Amazon than anywhere else combined. Even today while listening to a conference call I realized I needed those clear plastic shoe boxes~ boom Amazon Steralite two dozen free shipping here Friday. Gifts, stuff we need, everything I go to Amazon first. I love Amazon.

I have been on this computer since about 10 am non-stop and tomorrow is another day like this. I have to sign off and watch The Daily Show.

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The world is black, the world is bright

The zip in my step is more like a limp. Too many days walking the malls and my foot is feeling the pain. That aside… two things put the Zip in my step today. The first was a kitten. The same kitten I met a few weeks ago I had the chance to see again today when I picked up my son. She is just as cute and the cuts on my arm show what a good time we had.

The other thing that put some Zip in my step was a peak into the spring season. Sure it has barely been cold here in NYC yet and I literally can’t stop thinking about spring and all the fun colors. I guess this is because my closet is so dull all winter. These are my favorite sweaters:

These are my novelty sweaters and colors

And when it is freezing and I want something fun

See a theme here? They are all neutral. It is no wonder this display at Express has me anxious for spring.

Obviously heaven-sent to force me to color-fy my closet.

The mall was a pleasure today. Let me explain in photos~


The mall when I arrived today

Time to shop. Bergdorf put their shoes on sale and the site has been slow. I am hoping it is better now.

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Zip in My Step

For two weeks I am going to challenge myself to find something good in the day~ something that will put some Zip in my step for the end of the year and the end of the alphabet challenge.

Today what put Zip in my step was the fact that I live in NYC and have the opportunity to walk out my door and see amazing things and do amazing things. All along Broadway NYC is dressed up with art. Sculptures by Peter Woytuk decorate the center island and subway stops thanks to The Morrison Gallery. You can read all about it and see pictures here but I took a few as well.

Tonight was one of those nights you love being here. It was warm and it was the Lincoln Center Tree lighting. The entire neighborhood is alive with people, stores, and music. It is amazing to walk by Lincoln Center now~ so beautiful~ and see people hanging on the steps drinking coffee, reading and tonight listening to music and watching the tree lighting. A lame tree admittedly but who cares?

And of course the fun stuff like the ice guy (outside the Mormon Church) and the stilt people.

Sure we have to work harder to get our kids to sports but when they walk out their front door and run into their friends while eating chocolate mousse from Bar Boulud and are staring at the ice guy… well it is all worth it.

Book I have started but have no time to read

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin: Book Cover


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Asleep in the mall

Apologies Stiletto jumpers. I have been bogged down with work and for the first time in a year took almost a week off. Well not off so much as at the mall working. I am back for the end of the alphabet. Z. I have no idea what Z is for so today I am just going to comment on some things I have noticed.

1. University of Michigan beat Ohio State on Saturday in a nail-biting kind of end to the game that only Michigan manages. We had one of these for the season opener and here we are again. It was worth it. This clip was sent to me and sort of sums up the mood after the game.

2.. Black Friday shopping has lost some of its steam. It is no longer just about Friday~ it is about the entire weekend. I was in the mall on Friday and there were stores that were packed but generally the deals were the same ones you can get on a regular sale event. I found parking.

3. Pink. I like pink. I find it to be a generally flattering color and I am happy it is in style for spring. While my pink stilettos may have killed my feet (and my friends toes) I am looking for my next pair. Fabulous or sensible ?? Or a little of both.

Jimmy Choo Crocodile-Print Platform Sandal Choo   kate spade new york tatiana patent slingback  Kate Spade  Manolo Blahnik Oppure Sandal Blahnik

4.  I am admittedly counting the days….

5. Everything on my holiday gift list has diamonds. I need a better plan.


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Lazy Man’s Healthy Dinner

A visit to the doctor will do this to you…. create an urge for a healthy dinner. So will the fact that you haven’t eaten since breakfast. I was so light-headed in Trader Joe’s I had to buy a Power Crunch bar and eat it while I shopped. My new favorites…

But I digress. In Trader Joe’s I bought the pre-chopped veggies which as you might recall from last Thanksgiving is not really my style. Last Thanksgiving was the first time i bought pre-chopped onions and celery. That was a big lazy step for me. This~ pre-chopped peppers, onions, carrots and the like is an ever bigger lazier step for me. I have come to realize time is money and so that the time I spend chopping (which I hate to do) could be better spent working or with my kids. So lots of veggies and then Whole Foods for a pre-cooked organic chicken breast or two. THEN the ultimate of lazy…. I sent my sitter to the Chinese restaurant around the corner for a quart of brown rice. Yep, yes I did.

I threw the veggies in the wok with sauce, cut up the chicken and threw it in a bit later (as it was pre-cooked remember this is the lazy man’s healthy dinner) and in less than 15 minutes I was pouring it over the still warm rice.

Now if I was not so lazy I would bake these cookies from A Sweeter Thing blog.

Exciting thing that arrived in the mail today.

I am almost upset I ordered a new humidifier today without it. I plan to look for a wireless printer.

REALLY???? Really J Lo? Per my friend… Brittany already did this look and did it better AND she was 24 so it wasn’t quite so desperate in that I am 42 and just divorced but can still rock it manner.  No wonder teens dress the way they do~ look how some mothers dress.

As for this one…. I just can’t even comment. The news is speculating on pregnancy. I am speculating on Twinkies and Buffalo Wings. Her knees even look awful!!

It is only Monday and the whole family is exhausted. I am getting in to bed to read.

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